Identifying and correcting errors in the following:


  • grammar and punctuation
  • spelling and usage of common words
  • consistency of language usage and structure
  • basic fact-checking, including personal names, product names and trademarks
  • text clarity, sense and flow
  • missing/repeated words and phrases
  • anachronisms, out-of-character expressions or behaviour
  • technical concepts or special terms (appropriate explanations for intended readership)
  • presentation and matching of illustrations, tables and captions
  • removal of racial or gender bias
  • ensuring absence of offensive matter, incitement to hatred, and plagiarism




Identifying inconsistencies and errors in the following areas:


  • spelling, grammar and usage
  • font sizes, line spacing, hyphenation, pagination, word and paragraph breaks
  • formatting
  • errors of fact
  • page numbers, chapter headings, contents tables and indices
  • illustrations, tables and figures



You create the document content and I do the formatting:


  • margins and layout
  • font: style, size and colour
  • paragraph: alignment, indents, line spacing, page breaks and section breaks
  • lists: bullet points and numbering
  • borders and shading
  • table formatting