What format do you edit in?


Both MS Word and PDF format.


What information is required?


The following information is required in order to ensure that your specific project requirements are fulfilled:


  • Do you require the edits in UK or US English?


  • How many words/pages does the document consist of?


  • Is there a particular style guide for the document?


  • What is the project deadline?


  • Is there a specific budget?


How long will it take to complete the work?


It is difficult to give exact timeframes because each project is different with varying amounts of corrections required.  Therefore, this will be discussed with the client on a per project basis and an agreed deadline will be determined.


What will I receive on completion?


You will receive:


  • Two versions of your document:
    • marked-up (all corrections and comments shown)
    • clean (all corrections and comments accepted) 


  • Style sheet (record of edits applied for future documents and standardization in your written work)


  • Two revisions if required




A 50% deposit is required on acceptance of the quote and the balance to be paid upon completion of the project.